Nativity of Mary Catholic Church

We, the faculty, staff and administration of Nativity of Mary School, believe that parents have the first obligation and the right to educate their children (Canon Law 793). Parents are the first teachers of their children and should be recognized as such.

We believe that Christian values are the framework from which a successful education program flows. This includes a strong emphasis on spirituality by offering experiences of Christ, Church, and Christian service. In striving for excellence in education, our school will develop a child’s fullest academic, spiritual, emotional and physical potential.

Each person perceives and internalizes in a unique style and time frame. Interaction with others develops life skills using honesty, respect, and acceptance. We believe each child needs to become responsible for their own social and academic behavior. These elements are critical for the foundation of life-long learning.

We believe education is about loving, giving, caring, serving, and knowing. Education is about striving to be the best one can be, yet being reasonable in that pursuit. As educators, we nurture a child’s natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge, promoting life-long learning, and responsibility.

We as educators of Nativity of Mary School, dedicate ourselves to working with God, parents, students, parishioners and community members in living out this, our philosophy.

Philosophy Statement