Nativity of Mary Catholic Church

March 6th marked the end of the 3rd quarter We are moving quickly towards the end of the school year. We continue to be blessed with great students, staff and families. It takes all of us working together to provide the best possible learning environment for the students at Nativity. Here are a few things I am working on to ensure we have a strong foundation at Nativity.

1)  I have formed a marketing committee this year. We have been working on marketing  strategies and goals. I have hired an organizational storyteller, who works with businesses and nonprofits, to walk stakeholders through a process to clarify our mission and vision.

2)  I will be doing some foundational work with the staff through a retreat and professional development on best practices in instruction, curriculum, assessments and behavior. This work will be ongoing. We are beginning this process on Friday, March 10th with an inclusion retreat. Being a school of inclusion must begin with a solid foundation in instruction and what that looks like for all of our students at Nativity.

3) Also, I will continue to update our technology. This is a critical tool to support student learning. We started with a set of Chromebooks in the Middle School. Next, I am looking to have a set of iPads/ Chromebooks in each classroom for small group instruction and to support the integration of our technology standards into our daily curriculum.

There are some exciting things happening at Nativity. I will continue to build on the strengths of our school and implement the changes  that need to be made for the success of all students. Thank you for your continued support. Feel free to call or stop by to see me at anytime with comments and questions.


Mary Parrish



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